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What are Rules of Double Entry (or) Accounting Rules?
The most important issue of a company is to maintain its transaction record. In case of accounting the complete details need to be managed in a perfect way. Double entry is very much important to know about any error related to finance of a company. As it is completely clear that, double entry means credit value and debit value of the company must be equal, though the accounts should be perfect. The rules are simple, but an accountant needs to maintain it in a proper way. According to the first rule, the total debit value of a company is completely equal to its total credit of the company.

According to another rule the value of asset must be equal to the addition of liability and equity shareholder. The credit entries and the debit entries affect each other. There are some particular criteria and thus a student requires to have a complete knowledge about different topics related to it. Thus, Accounting Rules Assignment Help team experts always explain the solution perfectly with a great concentration.

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