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The common understanding of risk and return

As far as financial matters are concerned, the common understanding of risk is that it refers to the possibility of losing cash. Likewise, the common understanding of return is what you get in return of the investment you make. However, most people do not actually understand the relation between the two terms.

What is Risk?

A risk in terms of investment is the possibility of losing money an investment you make, you your investment not keeping up with inflation. Before you start with your risk and return assignment answers, you must realize that all investments do carry risk. Having said that the level of risk carried by a certain investment depends on the kind of investment it is.

Speaking in general terms, the investments that are said to carry a high level or risk are the ones which have potential of delivering you high return on your investment, such as growth assets. In a similar manner, the investments that potentially may deliver you low returns carry a generally lower level or risk, such as defensive assets.

Depending on the kind of investment, risk can arrive from various sources. Factors like changes in economies, investment markets, political and social situations, can have its effects on different investments in different manners. These factors can cause an increase or decrease in your investment value. Some of the most common risks associated with investment include liquidity, financial losses, interest rates, changes in inflation, currency prices along with other investment specific risks.

What is Return?

Your risk and return homework answers might also require you to explain what returns are. Basically, a return on an investment is the amount you may lose or earn on your investment. It is generally expressed in terms of percentage per year.

Risk and return are both fundamentally linked. The risk associated with an investment is greater if it has a greater potential to achieve higher returns. As far as investments are concerned, your time in the market plays an important role in giving you a greater chance of achieving superior long-term returns.

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