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To begin with Rheology is the study of the flow of matter, which is primarily in liquid state but also it is as soft as soft solids or solids under circumstances in which they react with plastic flow. It is applicable to substances which have a complex microstructure for eg: polymers, sludges, muds and other glass formers and also in many additives and foods. Don’t get confused by these terms. Want to learn more, and then you must keenly follow Rheology homework help from myhomeworkhelp.com.

Rheology commonly accounts for the behavior of the non-Newtonian fluids. For example: the viscosity of tomato ketchup can be reduced by shaking it, but water cannot. Ketchup is like yoghurt where if you increase the relative flow of velocity it will cause the reduction in viscosity, such as by stirring.

Who termed Rheology?

Rheology was named by Eugene C.Bingham, a professor of Lafayette College, in 1920. Rheometry is the characterization of a material’s behavior though Rheology is also used as a synonym for Rheometry, typically by researchers and experimentalists. Going by definition, Rheology is the relation of the flow or deformation behavior of an article and its internal structure.And the flow or deformation behavior of an object that cannot be depicted by classical fluid mechanics or elasticity. Don’t get over stressed by these difficult theories. You can simply understand all these easily by learning through Rheology assignment help.

Who is a Rheologist?

A rheologist is a multidisciplinary scientist or an engineer who studies the flow of complex liquids or the deformation of soft solids. As it is not a primary degree subject, so most rheologists have a qualification of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, medicine or in engineering or from certain technologies like food or materials.

While obtaining a degree, a bit of rheology may be studied, but if you are interested in knowing further you can study during your post graduation course or you can take some short courses. In this digital world we prefer to sit back at home and browse through the internet to gather information. Here, we myhomeworkhelp.com has gained a strong foothold by providing excellent Rheology assignment help.

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