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Return on Sales: A comprehensive briefing!

Return on Sales (ROS) is a financial ratio that is used for the evaluation of efficiency of operations of a company. It is also known as the operating profit margin of a firm. It calculates the efficiency of a company in making profits from its top of the line revenue. The company performance is measured by an analysis of the total revenue percentage that is transformed into operational profits.

ROS is used for comparing the calculations of the current period from the past periods. This helps a company perform trend analysis as well as compare the internal efficiency performance in the course of time. This financial ratio is also utilized by the comparison of the percentage of efficiency of a company with that of a competing business, irrespective of scale. Thus, ROS makes it possible for financial analysts to measure the performance of a startup against that of a Fortune 500 firm.

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Assessing its importance for students

Creditors, investors and various other debt holders depend on ROS as it precisely communicates the operating cash percentage of a company on its revenues. It can offer insight into the amount of profit yielded in per dollar sales as well as a clear perception of the potential dividends, debt repayment ability and reinvestment potential of a company. A rising ROS means the company is improving its efficiency. A reducing or lowering ROS is a sign of impending financial issues.

Depending on the industry, ROS tends to vary widely. Thus, it must be used only for comparing firms in the same vertical. For instance, a grocery chain has reduced margins and lower ROS as compared to an IT firm.

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