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Studying Finance is a roller coaster ride. It comes with multiple options, multiple solutions, and multiple situations. A student who has decided to pursue this subject is never bereft of exciting and complex situations, and Restated Net Asset Value assignments only add to the excitement.

What is net asset value?

To understand Restated Net Asset Value, we need first to understand what Net Asset Value is.

  • It is also known as NAV
  • It is the value equivalent of any share, asset or stock at any given point of time
  • This value is arrived by considering the performance of the asset over a certain period of time, its liabilities and the investment amount

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Why is it necessary?

In case of investments such as stocks, shares, and mutual funds, the value or NAV is calculated every day, to keep a track on the performance and to warn investors of any mishappening. Higher the NAV, higher is the demand, and higher is the number of buyers. The converse is also true. Trading prices are determined by this value. Stock markets open every morning and list the value every day.

Traders usually consider this value before investing in a mutual fund. However, NAV is not the precise parameter. Mutual funds should be invested upon considering the returns and performance.

The tricky part & why students need restated net asset value assignment help

Any subject which is dynamic is bound to be tricky. History is considered tough however it is not tricky as the figures will remain unchanged forever. In case of Finance, the numbers change every minute, more so in case of markets. Investment & Finance Research Analysts are usually looking for best ways to measure the performance and competition.

Coming to restated net asset value

Restated NAV is usually a better or higher value given to the share or stock. This is done by Financial Analysts to ensure that all assets and liabilities associated are covered accordingly.

The calculation

Let’s call Restated Net Asset Value as RNAV


RAV = Revised Asset Value (market)

RLV = Revised Liabilities Value

This method is used to appropriate the figures in the Accounts book. RAV & RLV are arrived after computations and calculations of data received from the market

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