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What is residual income?-Taking a look!

Residual income refers to the amount of income of a person after paying for all personal expenses and debts, including a mortgage. The calculation is generally done every month, once the payment for monthly debts is completed. The computation of the income assists in making a true estimate of the value of a firm.

Residual income is also used by the management team of a company, in order to measure the amount of return above the minimum return required.

At its highest level, Residual income measures how much money remains after every necessary capital cost is paid for the period of analysis. Thus, Residual income is applied in Corporate Finance as well as in Personal Finance.

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Why must students know impactof residual income?

The residual income model tries to fine-tune the future earnings estimates of a firm, in order to compensate for the cost of equity and create a more precise valuation for the firm. The residual income valuation approach happens to be a practical valuation method.

It is growing more and more popular, and even rookie investors can implement it quite easily. When residual income valuation is used along with other favored valuation approaches, it can offer a more transparent estimate of the actual intrinsic worth of a firm.

When compared to the DCF and dividend discount methods that are used more often, the residual income approach provides analysts with more advantages. Residual income models use data that is easily available from the financial statements of a firm and can easily be used firms that fail to yield free positive cash flow or do not pay dividends.

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