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Don’t you encounter problem while doing the research work for the assignment? Myhomeworkhelp.com can give you assurance on high quality research methods assignment help. You can get proper knowledge on how to deal with different topics and perform the research work appropriately so that proper results can be derived. Our tutors have earned expertise in their different field of study and have performed innumerable research work. So, we are well aware of the different methods which can ensure of getting right results.

Types of research

While getting research methods assignment help from us, you will firstly get acquainted with two most important types of research: (1) quantitative research (2) qualitative research

  1. Quantitative research

It is a research that can easily be defined and identified. The data obtained are numerical and are well analyzed while adopting mathematical and statistical methods.  In case of absence of numerical data, quantitative research cannot be performed. Some of the common sources of data collection in this research are:

Survey: It can be conducted online, in person or even through phone.

Secondary data: Company accounts or data collected previously can be termed as secondary data.

Observations: It may either involve counting the time of occurrence of any particular phenomenon or coding of observational data that can be translated to numbers.

  1. Qualitative research

Research methods homework help would deliver knowledge on qualitative research which does not consist of any numerical data. This may include words or language and also a possibility of making use of pictures and observations. Through qualitative analysis it is possible to acquire rich data that can come up with in-depth pictures and it can be useful for analyzing how and why things happen. There are different sources of gathering data through such research:

Interviews: Our research methods assignment help will help you understand that it is a structured, unstructured or semi-structured way.

Focus groups: This may involve all kind of multiple participants that can discuss an issue.

Questionnaires: Small written questionnaires that would consist of three or four questions and allow participants to write their own words.

Good access on sources

While delivering research methods homework help it is essential to have access to good number of data and information. Students can gain confidence on our service only when we become eligible for delivering accurate and valid data. We get access to more than 100 books, journals, magazines that can help us come up with good write-ups. Relevant and recent references can be attached to the research so that students can deliver high quality content in their colleges or universities.

We adopt APA, MLA and Harvard referencing style while performing any research on different topics. Our student completely relies on the solutions as there is a possibility of getting original and customized services. We match up according to requirements of clients. We offer you with write-ups and proof reading services related to any management level assignment.

Myhomeworkhelp.com comes up with skilled and qualified experts who can easily handle research methods homework help. Students usually look for proper assistance while dealing with their dissertation or project and this is what we have specialized on.

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