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Where game theory is supposed to be one of the difficult sections of economics, most students find repeated ultimatum game to be a challenging subsection of this chapter. And without proper guidance, it really becomes tough for any of the students to understand all the aspects of this topic. We understand how traumatic this topic can become when you see a sharp decline in your results. And so presents you repeated ultimatum game homework help manuals.

What is ultimatum game?

This is actually an economic experiment which is anonymously based on bargaining between 2 players. It comprises of monetary division in fixed quantity that is divided between them. Β Here the first player is a responder,and the other is a proposer. The latter has the right to decide on the division of the agreed item. It is entirely dependent on the responder if he wishes to decline the offer or accept it.

Aspects narrated by theorists on this theory

In 1982, existence of a different subgame was highlighted via Nash equilibrium. In this case, the solution was presented by Ariel Rubenstein whose rational forecast stated that even if a share value is less but freely given by proposer, acceptance can be confirmed from the side of responder.

It is with the help of our expert designed repeated ultimatum game assignment help manual you will come to know more about this aspect with proper formulas.

2 important questions related to repeated ultimatum game

Going through our repeated ultimatum manual, you will find that in the year 1986, Thaler, Knetch and Kahneman made athorough investigation. Based on their study, they did find out 2important aspects. Those were in the form of 2 questions and based on the behaviour of subject and proposer.

  1. In order to punish a proposer on the grounds of unfair means, can a subject be ready to part with his money?
  2. Suppose an offer doesn’t get rejected that is prepared by a proposer. Are there any chances of him to play on fair grounds?

Assumptions related to it

  1. The agreed item is referred as Pie. Its set value is considered as 1
  2. It is mandatory for the proposer to keep the share value more than what offered to the responder

Why us?

With our repeated ultimatum game assignment help service we want every student to have more information on this topic so that you may have better clarity on this subject. A majority of students state how they don’t know what exactly the topic details are that will help them to attain excellent grades.

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Accurate info, elucidated explanations, as well as expert supervision on this topic, are just a few facilities that we offer to every student seeking our help. We assure you that our repeated ultimatum game homework help service offers you all the requirements to make your grades highest in your class. Don’t wait and seek our services.

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