Regulation of Metabolism: How to Produce a Flawless Assignment

Metabolism is a chemical procedure which takes place inside the cells of living beings and these activities are very important for the sustenance of life. The metabolism which takes place in all living beings is meant to serve three basic purposes.

  • The first purpose is to break down the food which is consumed so as to provide the body with energy or fuel for life sustaining activities.
  • The second purpose is breaking down the food to release essential nutrients which contribute to the healthy and proper functioning of the body. The nutrients would include proteins, minerals, nucleic acids and lipids which are all building blocks of life.
  • The third function is equally crucial and it involves expulsion of nitrogenous wastes from the body of the living beings.

The body of a living being is self sufficient when it comes to regulation of metabolism. The whole process (a series of chemical procedures) takes place in the body in a routine manner and absolutely in accordance with the needs of the body. Things can become clearer to students if they seek out Regulation of Metabolism assignment help for themselves.

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Regulation of metabolism:

Metabolism starts with the digestion of the food consumed and then transportation of the nutrients extracted to the different parts of the body. The reactions which take place within the cells are of two kinds, intermediary reactions and intermediate reactions. Cellular respiration results in breaking down of the fuel for providing the body with energy and this part of the metabolism is known as catabolism. The second stage is the creation of nutrients like proteins and lipids and this set of actions is called anabolism. While the former process releases energy, the second ones consume energy.

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