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Reflective Writing- What is it?

It allows you to present your personal experiences and observations in front of the world. It allows you to ponder over your thoughts and testaments. You can explore yourself in this manner. It can help you in improving analytical skills. You can learn β€˜empathy’ through reflective writing. There are 2 categories of reflections:

  • Experiential Reflection–

This mostly occurs in professional studies. It helps to connect theory and practical training and is mostly observed in subjects like forensic science, nursing, business and educational programs, as they all have practical implications.

Abstract ideas become cemented by reflective thinking and writing.

  • Another form is Reading Reflection –

It allows people to have balanced opinions. It helps down in breaking down assumptions, which may be wrong and give meaning to the thoughts and beliefs of yourself as well as others.

Reflective Writing Help provides guidance on standing back and looking at what we have done till date and its implications. The questions answered are:

  • Why I did it this way?
  • Could I have done it in any other manner?
  • Did this work for them?
  • Will it work for me?
  • Will I repeat the same thing in future?

It is basically a mirror which reflects our thoughts and beliefs. It brings out the truth. A reflective form of writing can be both formal and informal.

The first form is formal, where we focus on a specific topic and elaborate on that. Second one is more informal and personal in nature. We actually reflect our actions and thought all the time, however we are unaware of the same. Take time out to think, what you have done right and what you have done wrong.

The motto of reflective writing is not to judge. It can immensely contribute to your success, both in personal as well as professional relationships.

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