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Economics is not just a subject that has to deal with partial equilibrium or economic analyses. There are many sections and subsections under this subject which are crucial but important. One of the topics of prime relevance is general equilibrium. Now at, we meet with so many students who state that this topic has many divisions and they don’t know what to include for their assignment. As a first-rate solution, we have designed reaching general equilibrium homework help manual as a solution.

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Conditions on which prices are set

There are mainly 2 conditions on which the prices are generally set for any product.They are:

  1. It is a known fact that every market is clear. From this statement, it can be clearly relayed that total supplied amount is equivalent to total demanded amount. This is related to prices for both factor and product markets, which on analysis are seen as positive.
  2. Profit maximization is achieved by every producer and satisfaction maximization is attained by every customer.

These are just pointers whose explanation is huge. Going through our reaching general equilibrium assignment help manual, you will get an understanding of these 2 conditions with proper examples.

Why is it used?

Idea of general equilibrium theory is to highlight the fact that those markets which are free have a tendency to incline towards equilibrium. This inclination is only seen when assessment of equilibrium is made on long run. It is extremely important to consider that there was no requirement or any specificity relates to this criterion of reaching general equilibrium. This complete transaction process is actually an act related to prices, maintaining itself as signals for various consumers and producers. This is to realign different activities and resources to continue to a certain span to acquire profitable lines.

Different limitations

There are a number of important factors that we highlight in reaching general equilibrium homework help manual to you. But we also maintain that you should have an idea of the negative side of a theory. So, some of the limitations of general equilibrium are:

  1. Analysis of general equilibrium is static.
  2. Foundation of general equilibrium is mainly unrealistic assumptions instead of real life conditions.

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