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Everyone always assumes that rational behavior always gets a rise from rational beliefs. In finite games, there is always scope for Rationalizability. There is scope for rationality, and this is in stark contrast to belief commonality and things that happen in stable equilibrium.

The players involved in a game would have to choose between one or more options, and this choice is taken based on certain beliefs. These common beliefs could be joined only by Nash equilibrium. Students seeking Rationalizability homework help would get a detailed report from us. There are many practical uses of this game theory.

Never the best response strategy

There would be a strategy from players in which they would opt for a strategy based on assumptions that one strategy would never be taken by the opponent. For example in a  cricket match, batsmen would decide on sweeping a delivery based on gaining knowledge that the bowler would not pitch a ball that is not suited for sweeping.

In tennis when a player stands for returning he or she would think of previous games played by an opponent and would conclude. This would help a player to adjust to serves and make better returns.

In prisoner’s game, an option would be left out as that option would not yield any result or would jeopardize whole things.

The rational strategy would be definitely dependant on the actions taken by the opponent. If an opponent starts taking an action that is contrary to belief, then there would be a change in rational thoughts. These thoughts would be highlighted in our Rationalizability homework help

These rational thoughts would work in two game auctions in which one player starts an auction. He or she would have to say an amount and the second player would change strategy or say an amount based on the first amount. The level of bidding is a strategy that would be continued for a long time. These strategies can also be termed as weak dominance strategy that can work wonders under Nash equilibrium concept.

In modern day economics, a supermarket or mall may come out with a discount package to attract customers. The second mall will have to take an option of following this strategy or come out with another strategy by combining a lot of factors without giving a discount. Then the companies can go for strategy creation, and they would delete all strategies that do not work and would delete strategies till they finalize a rational strategy,

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