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Rationale for Stability of Dividend Assignment Help to Walk You Through Dividend Homework
Dividend policy enlists the set of rules for making dividend payments. It is of three types – strict or conservative, lenient and stable. In case of the first one, a firm decides to retain its profits thereby sacrificing dividend payout. The second policy works in manner that a company pays least attention to its retained earnings and indulges in maximum possible dividend payments to its shareholders. The third type is a hybrid of the above two views. A student can be troubled by Rationale for Stability of Dividend if she is not thorough with the fundamental concepts. Through Rationale for Stability of Dividend Assignment Help howsoever, we make it a point that students can be taught and trained in efficient and innovative ways through the platform of myhomeworkhelp.com.

What does Rationale for Stability of Dividend tell us?
When a company decides to follow any particular form of dividend policy, then there has to be a clear rationale behind it. Here we will discuss the possible reasons for choosing stability of dividend payout over other alternatives.
A company goes for stable dividend policy when

  • It wants to create confidence among its shareholders who will be secured against any upcoming turbulence through an assured flow of income irrespective of the financial health of the firm.
  • It intends to satisfy investors who are desirous of having fixed income levels.
  • It wishes to have a stable market price for its shares that varies positively with its dividend payout.
  • It aims to pave the way for institutional investments.

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