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The speed at which different chemical reaction proceeds is referred to as reaction rate. This reaction rate is either expressed by the product concentration formed during a unit of time or it is formed due to reactant concentration that is used up in one unit of time. It may thus be defined as the products produced or reactants consumed within a specific time.

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Factors that affect reaction rates

There are various factors that affect reaction rates and in order to get some more details about it you can surely go through the discussion given below”

  • Changes in concentration of certain products

Collision theory states that reaction rate is dependent on concentration of various reactants. Again Law of mass states, that a chemical reaction rate is directly proportional to the reactant’s concentration. If concentration of a particular product increases then reaction rate also tends to increase and if it decreases then reaction rate tends to decrease. Time has a major role to play here because it is responsible for changing concentration of both products as well as reactants. So considering time factor is also immensely important at this stage.

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  • Reaction rate depends on nature of reaction as well

Reaction rate is also highly dependent on nature of reaction. There are certain reactions that are much faster than others. There are some reactions that are extremely slow. Number of reactants, physical state of reactants and complication of reactions are factors that have a great influence on reaction rate. This reaction rate is much slower in liquids as compared to reaction rates in gases. It is further slower in solids. When reactions occurs it also depends greatly on size of reactants. Smaller the size of reactant, faster is the reaction.

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