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What is meant by queuing theory?

It is a mathematical method which can analyze any congestion and delays of waiting in the line. Queuing theory can surely examine any component available of the waiting line to be served which would also include the service process, arrival process, number of system places and also customer number. Queuing theory bibliography assignment help would also give you information on real life applications of any queuing theory that would offer you with faster customer service, shipping order and traffic flow.

Queue management techniques

You would come across with two different scheduling policies that is easily derived from this theory and can be implemented on businesses so that efficiency can be improved and at the same time inventory can easily be kept in track.

  1. LIFO: While exploring the idea of queuing theory bibliography assignment help, you will be able to gain knowledge on LIFO which is known to be Last In, First Out. This concept can be adopted in computing where the last item can be placed in memory and the first item should be removed. In case of any inventory management, newest item need to be placed in inventory first.
  2. FIFO: It stands for First In, First Out and helps the oldest items available in inventory supply to rotate so that they can be used first. FIFO technique plays a vital role for every business and especially for retails that deals in perishable items. The concept is derived from queuing concept first come first served.

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