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What is Quality Circle?

Quality Circle is a technique that enlists the support of employees in resolving problems, which are their own. A circle is formed of employees who work together to get success in an operation and they meet in between the work or in intervals to know or discuss about the quality as well as find out the proper solution related to their improvement.

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What is the importance of these Quality Circles?

The most important thing is its completely autonomous character. Moreover, this is small and the responsibility goes to the senior worker of the group or supervisor. Normally the employees participating in quality circles are trained in the field of pareto analysis, brain storming and cost-and –effect diagrams. After getting the proper analysis they come to a conclusion and then make proper decision, which is completely effective.

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What are the best implementations for success?

There are seven implementations for success-

  • This must have sufficient staff entirely.
  • Each staff must have a specific functional activity.
  • The Circle chooses what problem is addressed by the QC. This must not be driven as a management goal.
  • Each member of the circle must have the exact knowledge about what they have to do. So, training is very important.
  • The member of a circle needs to select any one as its leader.
  • Management needs to select one manager as their team mentor. This mentor may provide the objectives when QC requires, but mentor does not manage the QC.

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