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Before going into the depth of this topic, you must get an idea of the purpose of these tests. They are:

  • It is used to identify some typically occurring anions
  • Then you need to study some reactions which are indispensable for their identification

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After going through the purpose, you need to learn about the procedure of these tests.

What is the procedure for qualitative cation tests?

  • At first you have to ascertain the three important groups and where does these anions belong to
  • You need to conduct certain specific tests to confirm on the samples for each anions
  • This information will help you to get the information regarding the presence of anions in the solution
  • Then you have to determine the unknown solution where the group belongs to
  • In this way you can finally find out to which group anion is present to the unknown solution

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Let us discuss the main procedural steps in detail:

  • At first make a set of data table
  • Then keep aside three test tubes as each tested anion will require separate test tube individually
  • Then complete all the tests in one solution and keep a record of these observations. After this, clean and dry up the test tubes completely before beginning any new test for the next solution
  • By performing this test consecutively with anions on unknown solutions, you can determine their individual identity
  • In the first test tube, you can put 8 drops of anion in a test tube
  • Then you add 8 drops HCL or hydrochloric acid to that anion solution
  • Now you have to note down the changes in the appearance of the solution and also any kind of gas evolution from the test tube

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