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Products need marketing to ensure that there is a sale of their products and there should be a clear aim from the marketing team to get sales. Purpose-based marketing is done to ensure that there is a purpose to the society by the branding department and this goes more than just placing the product in recycled paper. The other name of purpose marketing is social marketing.

More about purpose-based marketing

The company is looking at options to ensure that they are making a difference in what they do and consumers will be looking for emotional connections with brands. Companies are looking at shared values that will improve the brand.

The mission and vision statement of a company is very important. Assume that an automobile company says that they manufacture engines that cause less pollution and if a study finds that their engines are the worst when it comes to polluting the nature people will feel betrayed.

There were car automakers that have done tweaking on their engine so that pollution test will not reveal a real nature of pollution and this has caused a brand betrayal at later stages.

The core values of the company are important, and the steps that are taken will determine a purpose-based marketing. Assume that a company produces plastic and they have waste. If they are not doing anything to destroy a waste in a green manner, then a problem will not be resolved if they plant trees at a different place.

There would be a baker company that would be donating foods that is unsold, and that falls under the expiry date, and this company can get more leverage than a company that reuses the expired product after changing the expiry date.

A baker company can start a blog about nutrition and health-related things, but if they are using colours and food preservatives that damage human body then the blog will not be of any use.

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