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Get an idea about Public Goods

When we talk about any public good, then it is an item that a person can consume, and still, its availability for the other person won’t get restricted in any way. So public goods are those goods from which no individual is being excluded in any manner.

Some of the examples of public goods are like the public parks, the sewer systems, infrastructural facilities, street lights, national defense, police services and various other social facilities that all individuals have equal access to. Many times public goods are also denoted by the terms like non excludable and non rivalrous.

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Some vital aspects of this topic

In theory related to public goods, you will notice that these are those goods which are meant for the benefit of society as a whole. These goods receive their financing from the taxation based revenues that the government is able to generate over a period of time.

In reality, you will see that there is no market place for finding such goods because these goods are actually the facilities that are provided by the government to its citizens.

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What is the problem associated with public goods?

When you analyze this concept in detail, then you will notice that there is free rider problem associated with public goods. It actually means that once the public good is provided,then it gets very difficult to prevent anyone from using these goods. In simple words, we can say that there is no advantage or availability of incentive for the people to pay for such kinds of goods because otherwise also they can have all these facilities without paying any money for it.

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