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Proteins are needed to perform some indispensable functions throughout various systems in a human body. These chains of amino acids are extremely important for:

  • Synthesizing and repairing DNA
  • Catalyzing the different chemical reactions
  • All the materials within the cell can be transported
  • Providing some structural support
  • Sending and receiving chemical signals
  • Responding to stimuli

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What is a protein?

  • They are actuallythe macro molecules  and are composed of amino acids
  • These amino acids are attached with one another to form a long chain called polypeptides
  • Often these chains are functional to themselves
  • They often combine with other polypeptide chain to form a protein structure
  • It is also found sometimes that non- polypeptide groups are needed to form the final structure of the protein
  • For example: hemoglobin a blood protein consists of four polypeptide chains
  • In this hemoglobin structure, heme molecule structure is like a ring with an atom of iron placed in the center

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Forms of proteins:


  • Hormones are chemicals that are protein based which are secreted by the cells of the endocrinal glands
  • They are usually transported through the hormone, blood and are able to act as chemical messenger
  • In this way it can transmit signals from different cells to another
  • Each and every hormone is able to affect some cells in your body
  • All these hormones are able to affect some cells in your body


  • These kind of proteins accelerate the type of metabolic process in all your cells
  • It includes various liver function, blood clotting, stomach digestion converting glycogen to glucose


  • They are also known structural proteins and fibrous proteins
  • They are the main components of your body
  • It includes keratin, elastin and collagen

Other types of proteins are:

  • Storage
  • Defensive
  • Transport
  • Contractile
  • Receptor

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