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Production value variance in accounts that is associated with a number of budgeted production, actual production and overhead budgeted rate. In Accounts, this term has a great significance to acquire the exact amount by using suitable formula. Here, production-volume variance homework help will give a suitable explanation for your assignment.

To enhance your knowledge, you must go through these following points.

Define Production-Volume Variance

Production-Volume Variance is the exact difference between the actual units produced and budgeted unit required to produce and then multiplied with the budgeted overhead. So, this can easily be represented as:

(Actual units produced – Budgeted units produced) x Budgeted overhead rate

Now, our team of production-volume variance homework help also explain that the three important terms as that are highlighted in the above formulation.

  1. Actual units are those that a company produces
  2. Budgeted units produced and budgeted overhead rate are related to each other.

Here is a direct link between the overhead of total production and the unit produced.

What are the different types of Production-volume variance?

There are two different types of production-volume variance. These are –

  1. Unfavourable production-volume variance

When expected or budgeted product is more than the actual product at a fixed time, then it is known as Unfavourable production-volume variance. For example, in case the budgeted product is 8000 units with the rate of $ 10 expenditure cost for each machine hour. But, after that particular time, if the number of produced unit is 7000, then this would be known as unfavourable production-volume variance with an exact value of $10000.

  1. Favourable production-volume variance

When the actual unit of products is greater than budgeted products, then it is favourable product volume variance. Our team of production-volume variance homework help explains it with the same example. But in this case, the actual unit of products is more like 10, 000.

You must understand that importance of these terms, as well as an indication of these terms. You should know about these as they are helpful in completing your assignments. However, our team of production-volume variance assignment help gives perfect and most suitable solutions for your need.

Some related terms that you must know:

  1. Capacity variance
  2. Volume variance
  3. Fixed overhead variance
  4. Fixed manufactured variance
  5. Efficiency variance
  6. Cost variance

You must have exact knowledge of meaning and use of these terms so that you cannot get any confusion while completing your assignments. Our team is always ready for your assistance.

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