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Here’s What You Should Know About the Product Lines

Most of the companies have a set of items that have similar features, benefits and prices and in most cases these items are sold through same circulation channel and also try to target the same set of audience. Product line and length are a very important part of the marketing strategy of a company and so deciding the right product line and length is a very important.

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Importance of a Product Line

It is with the help of these product lines that a company is able to offer variations to customers. For example, if you go to a fast food restaurant, you will see that different variations of hamburger are present there. This is done in order to meet requirements of the customers with varying taste.

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Important points to keep in mind when deciding the product line length

  • Deciding on the length of product line is one of the most important decisions of a company. This means that the company has to properly research and find out the number of varieties of products that they should offer to their customers. In most cases it has been observed that most companies try to increase the length of the product line. In fact one of the most popular ways to expand a business is to increase the product line of a particular company.
  • Another thing that every company should keep in mind is that they should never over stuff their product line. This is because, if there are a lot of product lines then there are chances that certain product lines will not be sold and thereby not even recover the manufacturing cost.

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