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For a business to run smoothly, a company should have quality products, and it’s life cycle that is crucial to any business. It refers to the time when an item is produced, sent to a market and then removed from there. Product Life-Cycle Marketing homework help shows that how much impact it has on business with specific characteristics. For details about this topic, one should first know the definition correctly.

Product Life Cycle

It is related to that specific period when a commodity is developed, sent to the market and lastly removed from there. This cycle is divided into four categories known as introduction, growth, its maturity and decline. In marketing, an idea of product life cycle is mainly used to determine the correct time of its advertisement, when new markets should be explored, when to reduce prices or when new packaging should be created.

Goal of Product Life Cycle Marketing

The purpose of this system is to reduce marketing time, improving the quality of items, reduction of prototype costs, identifying opportunity of sales and revenue generation and also reduction of any environmental impacts. A company should understand the customers, competitors and markets so that a successful new commodity can be produced. This approach combines business systems, people, data and processes.

It also helps in overcoming engineering challenges, and any other intricate issues faced when trying to develop new commodities. In-depth research on this is given on Product Life-Cycle Marketing homework help.

Product Life Cycle Characteristics

There are mainly four stages involved in this introduction, growth stage, maturity and lastly, decline stage. The stages are described below in brief:

  • In the introduction stage, an item is introduced in the market for the first time and sale of the item increases slowly. The profit gained at this stage is non attained and nominal. The company makes some general investments on advertising the product and promotes any other way it is possible.
  • In growth stage, the item is in market and consumers are habitual of this thing. Growth in the sales of this item as new customers are knowing about this commodity and using it.
  • In a maturity stage, a commodity’s cost decreases because increased volume of product and it starts experiencing curve effects.
  • In decline stage, profit and sale of an item start to decline because the product is deleted from the market. It shows growth rate in negative and cash flow is corroding.

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