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What are Financial risk management and its importance?Risk management, in business, is the whole process of analyzing and identifying threats that can affect the business (its assets, operations, earnings and even brand, and much more) and prepare a plan of action to minimize or optimally avoid their impact.

Among the five most commonly accounted types of risks namely environmental factors, law and regulations, operations and efficiency, reputation, financial risks, companies make a lot of effort managing financial risk. This is because the primary goal of any company or business is to grow financially.

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5 fundamental principles of financial risk management

  • Identification of the threats:

This part is the trickiest part of the job. This is where we need to think what may happen. So you need to ask yourself: “what may happen now?”, “what may happen if the market trend changes after a year,” “what may happen if there is a fire in one of the departments?”, “what may happen if the government changes?”, “what may happen if there is an earthquake?”, etc.

  • Analysis of the risks:

When we have jotted down all the risks, we need to think about how much worst those situations could get. So now the question is how much can these risks affect a company and to what extent could it travel.

  • Risk Control:

Well, after the identification and the analysis, we have to plan out the optimal paths to reduce the impact of those threats or better to prevent them at all. Like building the office or workshop in a place with the least record of having earthquakes.

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  • Risk of Financing:

We can never be 100% sure about anything even if we forecast accurately. So we need to figure out ways to finance our losses if the risk control plans and techniques fail. Applying for insurance is one of the Risk Financing techniques.

  • Management of claims:

To claim for the damage, accurate and correct documentation of the situation for which the damage has occurred is required so that the insurance company can analyze and compute the amount that can be refunded to the affected party.

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