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What is the topic Principles of Decision Making all about?

Decision making is an activity where the best alternative is chosen from a given set of alternatives. Thus the decision is taken in such a manner so that organizational objectives can be achieved on time. When we talk about the principles of decision making they are actually the guidelines which govern that how decisions should be taken in the right manner. Thus these act like a fundamental basis for decision making task.

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An overview of the Principles of Decision Making

Here is an idea that what principles of decision making actually state –

  • The decisions taken by the organization should be purpose driven.
  • The decisions should be taken in such a manner that the benefits of all the parties associated with the organization are completely assured.
  • Organizations should always keep in mind that decisions should be flexible and there should be accountability at all the steps.
  • The decisions should be realistic, time bound and achievable.
  • Decisions should be integral and should focus on equality parameter and they must be taken after comprehensive evaluation.
  • Decisions must be ethical in nature and in the best interests of the organization and all those who are associated with the company.

There are many more principles that govern how decisions are to be taken. Once you will get Principles of Decision Making Assignment Answers then you will understand all the aspects with utmost clarity.

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