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Suppose you are a student who is studying in a huge Institute. In the cut throat competition in your class, everybody is trying to prove their mettle. Somehow you get stuck in a certain topic. As long as you don’t clear your doubts, you will not be able to fare well in your subject. On the other hand,there are chances of you facing a problem with your teacher too. Problems related to principal and agent is also quite similar to this. With the aid of the principal–agent problem homework help,you can understand about this topic in a simplified way.

What to comprehend from principal–agent problem?

Going through the principal–agent problem assignment help manual you will have a clear idea why issues between an agent and a principal develop. Such problems only take place when a certain environment is created by principal where agents can’t see the proper alignment of their incentives. The main idea of agent and principal relationship is to create incentives (by principal)so that an agent after receiving those agrees to act how the principal wishes.

Why is contract design important in this case?

In most cases it has been seen that issues between the 2 occur due to reasons like incentives or information asymmetry. Now, this can lead to the agents to go out of their way and not follow the requirements of principal. So to stay on the safer side, their entire agreement is recorded as a contract.

What are the principles relate to contract design?

Some of the principles are:

  1. As per the argument of principal, one of the best incentive types on the ground of incentive intensity is basically dependent on 4 Those include responsiveness of an agent towards their incentives, risks from the side of agent, precision, and profit created.This principle also states that when incentive amount increases, effort of an agent also sees a hike.
  2. According to informativeness principle by Holmstrom, if an agent is able to produce any performance (that can be measured), it is imperative that it should be mentioned in the contract.

You can read the other principles of contract design in the principal–agent problem homework help manual.

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