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When comparisons are made between private firms and public firms, you will find the investment methodology of the former to be dominant than that latter. Still, you will be surprised of many aspects related to principal and agent problems in public enterprise that is not highlighted in your academic text book.Where you would be looking for that information in dozens of informative sites, brings you all those details in one place – the principal–agent problem in private homework help manual.

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Explaining principal–agent problem in private enterprise

In a private enterprise, there are 2 parties that work simultaneously with each other. Those2 parties are principal and agent. The basis of their working is mainly on the grounds of incentives that principal provides to agents to work in their favor. Most of the times such agreements may cause the agent to suffer a huge loss. This again may lead to conflict in interest or moral hazard.

Reasons why such issues arise

  1. An investor is on the safer side as they can limit their liability extent. They can also decide on the amount that they want to invest in a company.Sometimes this may not sit fit with the working of a company.
  2. When a company (principal) wants to allocate funds in different sections, few agents, using certain tactics, wish to utilize those funds as lavish means. It may be in the form of traveling in luxurious vehicles or investment in their private projects.

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Few examples related to such problems

Amongst the number of reasons that you can read via the principal–agent problem in private homework help manual, here are2vital ones.

  • There are scenarios where it has been seen that a manager may agree to do certain things that will promote him. However, he will not do his required work that can assist in increasing the profit of the company where he is working.
  • Suppose there are a number of shareholders, who after discussion have hired a manager to see company operations and generate profit. Instead of distributing that generated profit amount to the shareholders, the manager may retain some of the yields.

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