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Conversion cost is a coagulation of both the direct labour costs and the manufacturing overhead costs. This definition is given from a business point of view. As the very name of the term is suggestive of, it is the cost that is borne in transforming the raw initial substance into a full-fledged final product. It is also named as the production cost with the cost of raw materials being omitted. It is crucial for the calculation of the incremental development cost of a manufacturing good that is in turn required for tagging a selling price upon the finished good.  Prime Costs and Conversion Costs Homework help provides the best explanation with example.

A look at the prime cost

That was about conversion cost. Now, coming to prime cost, it refers to the product price of a manufactured good. It is estimated so as to ensure that it yields the best profit margin for the venture of a firm. The prime cost is calculated with the use of raw materials, direct labor charges. It omits the indirect expenses of manufacturing incurred. By indirect expense we intend to say the cost of the company logo, or the fuel put to use for the delivery of the product. The difference between the two costs mentioned earlier can be analysed in a better way in Prime Costs and Conversion Costs Homework help given by

Calculation of the prime cost

Prime cost is the summation of the cost of the raw materials along with the cost of the direct labour charges. It is essential to make a note of the costs that must not be included during calculation of prime cost.  These costs comprise of cost of advertising, manager salaries, and the transportation fees. For a business to prospect, it is vital to know the indirect costs, but these must not be included during the calculation of the production cost of individual product. The detailed answer along with example is attained it online Prime Costs and Conversion Costs Homework help.

Importance of prime cost

Now, we would be left with the question that why do we need to calculate the prime cost when we already have the conversion cost. This is because businesses need to estimate this cost per a product so as to make sure that they are making a profit. The case is no different if we consider the industry where the artisans customise products for people. If the prime cost is of no satisfaction, then the product trade will slide into loss trough. It is the prime cost that plays the role of a yardstick here to bring out the minimum wages per hour for the industry runners, so as to maintain their business profit line. The significance is properly reflected in Prime Costs and Conversion Costs assignment help.

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