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Here are the Different Types and Features of Preference Shares 

Preference shareholders are those who are given more importance than equity shareholders and when a particular company declares its dividends, then preference shareholders are given the dividends or the surplus before the equity shareholders.

These preference shareholders are paid fixed dividends. However in case the company is liquidated then preference shareholders are paid after the creditors and bondholders but before equity shareholders.

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Who can own the preference shares?

If you buy the shareholder of any particular company, then you partly become the owner of that company. This is true for the equity shareholders. But everyone cannot own a preference share. It is only the financial institution, the company promoters and the board of directors who can own a preference shareholder. These shares are not meant for the retail investors.

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Features of Preference shares

  1. They are also known as preferred shares or preferred stock. It has attributes of both debt as well as equity, and so they are often referred to as a hybrid instrument.
  2. When a particular company is liquidated then preference shares can be converted into what is known as common stock.
  3. If you want you can also redeem these shares before the date of their maturity.

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Types of Preference Shares

  • Cumulative Preference Shares

If a particular company does not pay any dividends in one particular year, then it is carried forward to the next year. That is the normal norm. Preference shares are referred to as cumulative shares because the dividends are paid on a cumulative basis.

  • Non-Cumulative Preference Shares

If the dividend is not paid by a company in one particular year, then the dividend for that year is skipped and is not paid later.

  • Redeemable Preference Shares

Those shares that are repaid after a certain period of time are known as redeemable preference shares.

  • Non-redeemable preference shares

These are shares that cannot be redeemed within the lifetime of the company.

  • Convertible Preference Shares

Preference shares that can be converted into equity are convertible shares.

  • Non-Convertible Shares

These preference shares cannot be converted to equity.

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