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Potential problems in Relevant-Cost Analysis can create a lot of confusion as even the experts can stumble upon something new or unusual.

What Potential Problems in Relevant-Cost Analysis Should be avoided?

  • Though a lot of times the problems are new and typical to the situation, most of the potential problems can be avoided easily.
  • Keep an eye on wrong or false assumptions like variable costs necessary and fixed costs are not important.
  • Irrelevant expenses should be excluded, these are expenses which are unusual and do not occur very often
  • Relevant costs should be included and if possible, be a part of day to day expenditure as well.

Know the Concept of Relevant Cost

Relevant cost refers to all the costs that can be avoided, however become integral to the production of a specific commodity. This concept is used to get rid of unnecessary factors while making an important business decision.

For example, in case of an Airlines passenger, the only relevant cost is the cost of his luggage and food. All the other costs have already been taken care of by the airlines, and these costs would remain intact whether the passenger flies of not.

Irrelevant Cost

On the contrary, an irrelevant cost means any expense which is immune to decision making process. These costs are objective and extremely obvious, and hence do not require a debate.

Relevant-Cost Analysis & Problems Faced by Students

A lot of times, students face difficulties in differentiating between relevant and irrelevant costs. This creates a lot of confusion. In many cases, the nature of expenses incurred is not clearly mentioned.

The Accounting books should be in sync with the precise definitions. At times, relevant cost shows up as a liability, which is not needed. Wrong and misleading Accounting books can complicate the process of decision process.


The process of taking the right decision becomes difficult if the potential problems in Relevant-Cost analysis are not identified properly.

As a student, if you are seeking Potential Problems in Relevant-Cost Analysis homework help, you will feel confused about listing relevant and irrelevant costs.

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