Drawbacks of Such Conflict

However, it can be said that these conflicts bring with itself a number of disadvantages which cannot be always balanced with potential set of positives. Take a look.

  1. Emotional stress for the participants

Any kind of conflict can have dual effects on different people. For certain individuals, this is a matter of great concern, and they wish to resolve it very soon because they are tired of fighting over these. However, for certain other people, these conflicts are a source of expressing their feelings and thoughts over certain issues.

Therefore, it is very important that both the parties arrive at a particular solution and ensure that such major conflicts do not occur always.

  1. Waste of time and energy on these issues

Since in most cases these conflicts are over issues that have no major validity in regards to the organization, hence it is best that they are avoided. The negotiations that are associated with it, do not match up to the actual solutions that are asked for. Therefore, it is best that such conflicts are avoided.

  1. Associated risks:

When negotiations take place, it is natural that not all the conflicts are sorted. However, these negotiations have a certain amount of risk associated with them, which is why if these problems are not resolved at the earliest, there can be a number of problems.

When such risks are given priority, it may happen that the communication between the concerned parties is stopped, or there comes a matter of cognitive dissonance. The communication between the concerned parties is very important to solve a particular situation. Even if they are not on the same page, the diversity of issues can be sorted by collecting ideas.

But, in case the communication itself is completely stopped, there is no chance that further negotiations for solving the problems can take place. Thus, avoiding such a situation is the best option before any organization at a particular time.

Thus, it is very important that the concerned parties learn something very important from all these negatives, so that further issues are not created.

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