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Concept of position trading:

Position trader is a type of trader who holds long-term position from months to years. Position traders are not concerned with minor price fluctuations. Instead, they capture the bulk of the trend. The main characteristic of position trading is that it doesn’t take much time. If the initial research is done the position trader decides the way of trading the assets.

Position trading is the opposite of day trading. In case of day trading, traders buy or sell assets within a day. Use position trader assignment help service from our organization and you will acquire more information on this topic.

Strategy: How to do position trading

Position strategy is considered to be buy-and-hold strategy. It is not active trading. This type of trading may last from a few days to months or years. Position traders use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to make treading decisions. They generally refer to weekly or monthly charts to estimate the markets. This type of trading is similar to investment.

Characteristics of a Good Position Trader:

  • Everyone can’t be a trader. You should have trading skill if you want to be a successful position trader.
  • Be familiar with the markets and the system of working.
  • If you are passionate about the markets you will definitely be successful as a position trader.
  • Buying and selling assets is very risky. A good position trader should have proper risk management policies to remain in control.
  • Tremendous hard work and dedication are extremely important in this field.
  • Trader’s instincts can be developed within a short span of time. You need a lot of time, hard work, determination and perseverance.

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