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A long chain of monosaccharide units joined together by glycosidic linkages can produce what is known as a polysaccharide. These contain carbohydrate storage units for both plants and animals. They have structural involvement in plants, fungi and crustaceans too.  These facts about polysaccharides make them important as subject of study for students. To help with learning up the subject matter in an improved way at the same time dealing with all the relevant technical problems, myhomeworkhelp.com offers Polysaccharides Assignment Help to students.

Further knowledge on Polysaccharides
Polysaccharides can have different structures. They can come in linear form or can have branches too. Storage polysaccharides are starch and glycogen while their structural counterparts are cellulose and chitin. Polysaccharides can be heterogeneous when there is a slight alteration in their constituent units.

The properties that they have depend on what they are composed of and that explains as to why polysaccharide molecules vary from monosaccharide units in some cases.  When a polysaccharide consists of similar type of monosaccharides, it is known as homopolysaccharide. When different kinds of monosaccharides exist, then the resultant polysaccharide is called heteropolysaccharide.

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