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Chemical substances have several chemical properties which are matters of extensive study in chemistry. However, its physical properties are also regarded important. One such property is the effect of certain organic compounds onpolarized light. Such compounds are collectively termed as optically active compounds. The study of such compound is an entire branch of chemistry.

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Optical activity

Structures of certain organic compounds are responsible for this phenomenon of optical activity. A special arrangement of atoms around carbon atom which is known as chiral carbon is responsible forthis property of an organic substance. It is observed that these substances canrotate the plane of polarization of light when passed through a sample of it. Based on the direction of rotation, these compounds can be classified mainly into two types, viz.:

  • Dextrorotatory
  • Laevorotatory

The exactstructural and logical reasons behind this behavior of such substances are not usually asked as questions in assignments very often. However, tricky assignment papers may consist of such questions. We are accustomed with such rare difficult questions too and can provide you a full Polarimetry assignment help.

Troubles faced

Optical chemistry may seem easy at the beginning, but deep inside it is equally as complicated asother chapters in organic chemistry. It may involve complex structural analysis of organic compounds and thus find number of chiral carbons to find its optical activity. There are also some mathematical calculations required to calculate this activity. Naturally, students feelmuch complicacies and troubles while solving assignments on optical activity. Are you one of them? Come to us for Polarimetry homework help.

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