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It is not any matter of doubt that plant utilization budget is one of the most important parts of Accounts course structure. It is one of those topics which are unavoidable if one aspires to be a quality accountant. However, students face a lot of problems when encountering with this portion and their struggle becomes a cause for their ignorance towards the subject. This should be solved with immediate effect and love for Accounts should be restored.

What is plant utilization budget?

Plant utilization budget essentially means the budget which calculate approximately the demand of machines or other equipment each product in each cost center.

Why is plant utilization budget important?

Plant budget utilization helps to:

  • Put resources like machines to optimum use so that a plant, or cost center will not incur loss.
  • In case of a deficit in the number of machines installed in comparison to number of machines required, the plant will not be able to reach optimum production capacity.
  • On the other hand, if the number of machines supplied exceeds the number required, then they will incur additional expenses due to periodic repairing, maintenance, etc.

So plant utilization budget is important.

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  • Very little idea regarding the topic.
  • Vague assistance available from the text.

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