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What is pharmaceutical chemistry?
At the intersection of synthetic organic chemistry and pharmacology, we can obtain pharmaceutical chemistry. It deals with designs, chemical synthesis and development of pharmaceutical agents or drugs for the market. Out of all compounds, organic compounds are mostly used as medicines. These organic compounds are divided into different classes of small organic molecules like fluticasone, atorvastatin; biologics like insulin glargine, infiximab. Biologics are mostly used as medical preparation of protein. Inorganic and organometallic compounds are like lithium, lithium carbonate and cis-platin are also used as drugs.

Pharmaceutical chemistry focuses on small organic molecules. It also covers synthetic organic chemistry, certain types of natural products and computational chemistry along with chemical biology, structural biology and enzymology, which together aim at the development of new therapeutic agents. It sets it organic, physical and computational emphases along with biological areas like molecular biology, pharmacology and pharmacognosy, biochemistry, toxicology and veterinary and human medicine to form a set of highly interdisciplinary sciences. Our experts of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Assignment Help group has discussed discuss in details the role of pharmaceutical chemistry in drugs discovery and how those drugs are developed. They have further discussed about the training procedure in medicinal or pharmaceutical chemistry.

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