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Personal Selling

Personal selling is a selling process through which a client is sold a product, service or solution by an individual salesman. The Salespeople will match the criteria and profits of the offer that they make to the particular needs of an individual client. Now a days, personal selling ends in involving the growth of client relationships old and strong.

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Phases of the process of Personal Selling:-


Prospecting means to find scenarios, or possible new customers. They should be qualified as well as assessed.

  • Planning a way to sell by focusing on the needs of consumers.
  • Determining the goods or services suited for their needs.
  • To conserve time, arrange the prospects according who are likely to buy and leave behind those who are not so interested.

Contacting for the first time:

The salesperson prepares something before meeting the client, e.g., through letter, telephone or e-mail.

  • Punctuality is a must.
  • Setting objective before meeting the client.
  • For saving time, some information should be sent before the visit.
  • Have some sample handy.
  • Inside the first few minutes, without wasting much time convey the purpose
  • Be sincere but friendly.

The Call for Sales:

You have to be passionate about your good or service. Concentrate on the real advantages of the service or product, which will satisfy requirements of your customer, rather than elaborating it much. Let the client speak. This will give you invaluable information.

Handling of Objections:

It is the process in which a salesperson handles situations given by the clients. Following are some ways to overcome hurdles:

  • Attempt to test the hurdles before they actually occur.
  • ‘Yes but’ technique allows to acknowledge the protestation and then to deflect it.
  • Try to understand why the customer is feeling the way they are.
  • ‘Restate’ the hurdles, and give back to the client.
  • They should also discreetly and politely contradict the client.

Making the sale:

This is one of the most important stages. Often a salesperson will depart without successfully closing the deal. So it is very essential to know the art of closing.

  • Just directly ask for the selling
  • Be attentive to find the signals of buying
  • Just stay calm and wait for the client to say yes.
  • The ‘summary close’ allows summarizing every needs of the client, based on the call.

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