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Personal factors are crucial when it comes to influencing the consumers’ buying behaviour. Certain factors like this on which sales depend should never be neglected and always be dealt with correctly. Our personal factors homework help mentors give a vivid detail and explain clearly as to why this is such an important matter. Definition and points regarding this are given below for the benefit of the students.

What is personal factor?

It refers to individual factors of a customer which influences an individual’s buying behaviour. These vary from one individual to another, and the results have different perception sets, behaviour and attitude towards certain commodities and services.

Below are provided with a list of personal factors which play a major role when to selling a product. The list contains the most prominent ones. So to know about it in details and gather more information one can go through our personal factors homework help.

Age of the consumer

Age of the customer plays a vital role when it comes to buying things. The buying behaviour depends a lot on the age of the person. At different stages in the circle of life, people tend to buy different things. For example, when a person was just a child he or she would only think about buying candies and chocolates. But when this person grows the preferences change.

Income of an individual

Buying things depends a lot on the total revenue that person is earning every month. Income provides purchasing power, so the larger the amount of personal income an individual has the more he or she will be able to spend on commodities. Similarly, if the purchasing power is less due to low total income, then that person will spend less on products.

Occupation of the person

A person’s occupation also plays an important role when it comes to buying goods. People are willing to buy products and services more which is linked to their profession. For example, a layer’s buying pattern will be different than that of a teacher, doctor, businessman, police, etc. So it can be clearly stated that occupation of person plays an important role when it comes to buying goods and services.

Other than these things like lifestyle, etc. also plays an important role. All these things together create the buying behaviour or influence their buying behaviour to a great length. Order our personal factors assignment help to have a detailed account of these.

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