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Performance based marketing is a method of interactive advertising. The payment of such advertising is not done with a fixed price, but instead with a variable price depending on the ad’s performance. For instance, the cost of an advertisement might be based on how often it is viewed, how often it generates an actual lead, how often it is clicked, and how often it generates sale. To get academic help with this form of marketing, you can choose our performance marketing assignment help.

Who employs performance marketing?

Companies that utilize the Internet for reaching its customers usually rely on performance based advertising. These range from fashion retailers to car dealerships to even insurance companies. In particular, performance based advertisement is always attractive to small businesses that have small budgets. By investing in this form of advertisement, they are assured that all the money they spend on advertisement yields a positive return on investment.

If you have homework or an assignment on the topic, it is recommended that you opt for the performance marketing homework help offered at Our experts have a great knowledge about the field of marketing and can lend you a helping hand with your homework or assignments. Performance based advertising can be purchased for a huge range of web publishers. Nearly any website that tries to make money through the traffic it generates, along with selling its own services, hosts such ads.

The kind of customers for whom performance marketing is effective

Since performance based marketing is an internet tool, it reaches people who spend a lot of time online. Most such advertisement generally promote online sales. Thus, it is presumed that audience of a certain aid is already accustomed to making online transactions.

Features of performance marketing

When you avail our performance marketing homework help, you get to know about the different features of this form of marketing, including:

  • The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for performance marketing are leads, sales, conversions and signs up as opposed to other kinds of marketing where impressions or clicks might be the KPIs
  • Performance marketing involves pay per desirable action rather than paying up front. An unsuccessful campaign doesn’t cost much, which is why performance marketers are always trying out new things.
  • The optimization is faster since performance marketing is based completely on measurable results.
  • Measuring results may be difficult with other kinds of advertising. However, with performance marketing, a real-time measurement of return on investment can be done.
  • The advertisers can work on small budgets with lower risks.

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