Performa of Profit and Loss Account

For the year ending…


Expenses/ Losses Amount $ Revenue/ Gain Amount $
To Gross loss-transferred from trading

A/c (if any)

To Salaries Or Salaries and wages

To Rent, rates and taxes or office rent

To Go down rent or storage or warehousing

To Office expenses or establishment

To Miscellaneous. or sundry expenses

To Insurance

To Stationery

To Printing and stationery

To Staff Welfare Expenses

To Lighting

To Water and Electricity

To Establishment expenses

To Postage and telegrams

To E-mail and Fax charges

To Courier Services charges

To Telephone expenses

To Law charges or law cost or litigation

expenses or legal charges

To Repairs and renewal or Maintenance or


To Distribution expenses

To Travelling expenses/Conveyance

To General expenses

To Stable expenses

To Selling expenses

To Carriage or freight Outward

To Carriage on sales

To Indirect or unproductive wages

To Audit fee

To Entertainment expenses

To Interest paid or interest (debit) or

interest on overdraft or interest on

loans borrowed

To Discount allowed or discount on


Too Bad debts or Bad debts written off

To Reserve or provision for bad and

Doubt fill debts

(New reserve-in adjustment)

To Depreciation

To Interest on Capital

To Discounting charges

To Bank charges or Collection charges

To Export charges

To Trade expenses

To Administrative expenses

To Financial expenses

Tb Commission paid

To Advertisement

To Charity and Donation

To Sample expenses

To License fee

To Delivery charges

To Brokerage

To Sales tax paid

To Loss on sale of assets

To Loss by fire/theft/accident

To Upkeep or Maintenance of assets

To Commission

To Net Profit- Transferred to Capital A/c

(If credit side exceeds debit side)

-Balancing Figure


  By Gross profit transferred from trading


By Interest received


Interest (credit)


Interest on Investment


Interest on fixed deposit


Interest on Loans and advanced


By Rent received


Rent (credit)


Rent from tenant

By Discount received


Discount (credit)

By Commission received

By Dividends Received

By Profit from sale of assets

By Refund of tax

By Compensation received

By Apprenticeship premium

By Difference in exchange (credit)

By Interest on drawings

By Discount on creditors

By Bad debts recovered

By Miscellaneous receipts

By Appreciation or increase in the value

of assets

By Income from Investment

By Reserve for bad and doubtful debts

(old reserve-if not treated at the

debit side of PIL A/c

By Net loss-Transferred to Capital A/c

(If debit side exceeds credit side)

-Balancing Figure




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