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Students of economics are tend to learn the tactics and calculations of different strategies used in the competitive market. One such strategy is extensive game with perfect information and in fact is one of the common assignments topic assognmed to students. And if you are looking for extensive game with perfect information Assignment help, you have landed to a correct page.

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What is extensive game with perfect information?

Extensive games are the category where players are open to sequential choices in the game. Here, perfect information refers to past observation that a player can access. But definition is not enough to help you with entire content on your assignment.

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Examples of such a game

Chain store game

For example, there is an ice cream ‘a’ in the city and there is a competition of ‘a’ named as ‘c’. In this case, the game will proceed in a manner where there are two choices:

Whether ‘c’ decides to enter in the market or not

Depending on the choice of c, whether ‘a’will fight back or accommodate with ‘c’.

Let’s talk about the profits in such case:


(‘A’s profit, ‘c’s profit)



Stackelberg competition

In this case, both the firms will come up to a mutual agreement where form ‘a’ will lead and firm ‘b’ will follow on what and how much to produce.

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