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PCB is also called printed circuit board. It is a base that physically supports socketed and surface mounted components in Electronics. There are certain places where fine conductive traces are used and the PCB used here are manufactured using photolithographic procedure. Electronic components are placed on the PCB using a machine.

These PCB is baked in an industrial oven in order to melt solder. This melted solder then helps in joining connections. Most PCBs are either made of fiber glass or they are made of plastics that are reinforced by glass and have copper traces in it.

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Different types of PCBs

PCB that is used for simple electronic devices have a single layer. However, PCBs used in printed circuit boards like computer graphic cards, motherboards and complex hardware have as many as 12 layers. Most PCBs are green in color but these days they are available in other colors as well. PCB can also be manufactured by CNC milling and silk screening.

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Benefits of PCB

There are a number of electronic mechanisms present on a printed circuit board. These physical components are interconnected using copper tracks and not by wires which have current in them. The weight of the interconnections is also quite less.

These electronic components are very small and so these components cannot be connected using wires. PCBs are the best and the only option in all such cases.

Electronic components are arranged on these PCBs in the most efficient or compact manner. Complicated circuits are stored in small forms. So, they also consume much lesser space.

The connections between the various electrical components are made through copper tracks and so chances of short circuits are quite less.

Path lengths of electronic components that are there on printed circuits are quite less. This is because these circuits are very close to each other. Therefore, a lot of space is also saved. Since the path length is less so there is very low radiation and electromagnetic waves present.

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