The Importance of Overhead Variance in Budgets

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What are overhead variances?

To understand the overhead variance assignment help that you find, you must first understand what overhead costs are. These costs fall under the indirect costs of a company, these include costs for rent, office equipment and supplies, machinery, perks for employees and other costs that do not necessarily yield any profit. Overhead variances refer to the difference between the standard cost and actual cost of these overhead expenses.

Types of overhead variances

When you search for overhead variance homework help, it is important that you understand the types of variance. They are critical to your understanding of budgets, overhead costs, and accounting as a whole.

  • Variable overhead spending variance

This variance is basically the product of the actual allocated overhead and the difference between the estimated or standard variable overhead rate and the actual variable overhead rate. To make it easier to understand, here is a simple formula:

Variable overhead spending variance = (standard overhead variable rate – actual overhead variable rate) x actual units allocated


VOH spending variance = (SR – AR) x AU

The importance of calculating this overhead variance is to control the amount the company spends on its indirect utilities. The intention is to minimize the spending and loss and maximise profits and incomes. Go through the importance of overhead costs and the controls in the overhead variance assignment help that you find.

  • Variable overhead efficiency variance

Overhead facilities do provide the employees with the means to make their work more efficient. So, indirectly they do contribute to the efficiency of the office as a whole. This variance is the product of the standard rate allowed or allocated for a particular job and the difference between standard amount of units allowed and the actual amount of units used.

 This can be calculated as:

Variable overhead efficiency variance = (standard direct labour hours allowed – actual direct labour hours allowed) x Standard variable overhead rate


VOH efficiency variance = (SH – AH) x AR

When you find legitimate overhead variance homework help, ensure that you can understand everything that is stated. It is only once you understand that you will be able to remember important points, formulas and other information.

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