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What is the Role of organizing?

Organizing is a systematic way of planning, structuring and doing activities to achieve targets or goals in an organization.

  • It is responsible for the full utilization of resources such as money, machines, materials, men etc.
  • It performs managerial role including planning, controlling, directing, stuffing etc.
  • It is essential for the growth and diversification of products in an organization.
  • It is responsible for the better treatment of the employees.

What are the Characteristics of Organizing?

  • The main characteristics are the concepts of division and specialization of work.
  • Organizing means harmonization of individual goals of the workers.
  • A group of people work together who attain the goals of an organization.

What is the Benefits of Training in Management?

Training is an activity which is used in an organization to improve an employee’s capacity, performance and productivity. Several benefits are responsible for the importance of training.

Take a look at them written below.

  • Training ensures development and growth of employees.
  • It provides job satisfaction to the employees.
  • Training increases the productivity of the employees.
  • Proper training means less supervision of the employees.

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