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Organization Structure and Responsibility: At A Glance

Organizational structure refers to a process of direct supervision, coordination, and allocation of tasks to organizational objectives. This is a management process that helps managers find out how to improve an organization as well as its ambiance. It is of 4 major types:

  • Flat Organizational Structure
  • Functional Organizational Structure
  • Product Organizational Structure
  • Geographical Organizational Structure

Managers, in such kind of structures, take strong decisions and implement them in various other departments as well.

Responsibility refers to a specific organizational aspect that makes managers understand that they cannot work in an isolated way from the society that they are a part of, and run the business in. Thus, they have a responsibility to lead sustainable projects that can ensure social and financial improvement of people and empower them, as well as preserve the environment. It can include anything that can improve the lives of people as well as make the environment more sustainable.

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Why is it so vital?

Organizational structure helps determine how role, power, and responsibility are controlled and used. The structure actually depends on the type or nature of organization. The structure depends on the strategies and goals of the company. Responsibility is an important sign of the aim of an organization to do something to empower the society and preserve the environment, without which its survival and growth would be at stake. It is also an effort at trust building in the society about the organization.

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