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Costing and order are related terms. The quantity to be ordered and time of order depends on its cost. It is a useful area of study as costing offers immense job opportunities.

Why is knowing when to order important?

Students search for when to order, assuming certainty homework help as they are clueless about the whole aspect of ordering costs in manufacturing. It is very essential to order at the right time and in right quantities.

  • Ordering in excess causes wastage as the stock will be piled up in the warehouse.
  • In the case of perishable raw materials, it is extremely important to order in optimum quantities as they cannot be stored for future.
  • Not ordering at the right time may cause a shortage of raw materials and affect production.

Ordering costs and carrying costs

Ordering and carrying costs are parts of inventory costing. When looking for when to order, assuming certainty assignment help, it will be helpful if you are sure about meanings of these terms.

Ordering costs:

Costs incurred to create and process an order for supply of raw materials is called as ordering cost. Charges involved in preparing purchase order, checking goods when they arrive and processing payment are part of ordering costs.

Carrying costs:

These are costs incurred in storing the inventory in the warehouse. It is the expense that companies incur for holding inventory for some time. It includes rent paid for warehouse, insurance charges for goods, etc.

Decisions regarding when to order and how much to order are taken after comparing ordering and carrying costs.

Assuming certainty with costs

The terms ‘assume certainty’ figures in many problems related to inventory costing. In the questions, ordering and carrying costs are assumed with certainty to be at a fixed level. Students are asked to find out the consequences when there are changes in these assumed charges. They resort to when to order, assuming certainty homework help as these problems are very tough to grasp.

Why students face troubles

It is generally perceived that inventory costing topics are very tough. Several factors hinder their progress in studies.

  • Mathematical solutions:

Practical problems on these topics are mostly mathematics based. Students with a dislike for maths detest this. The only way out here is to get over the dislike.

  • Formulae:

Finding out economic ordering quantity and other problems use lots of formulae. Just learning them by heart won’t help. You should grasp how they are arrived at. This irritates some students.

  • External help:

In this lesson, students need some external help. They reach out for when to order, assuming certainty assignment help. Those who have no idea about where to find help, struggle a lot.

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