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The technology that helps electronic devices to communicate with light that is visible or is present in ultra violet or infrared spectral region is known as optoelectronics. The most common examples of optoelectronic devices are light emitting diodes and semiconductor lasers that produce light by converting electrical energy. Photo detectors are also another kind of optoelectronic devices that convert optical signals to electric currents.

Photogenic integrated service, Electro optic and electro absorption modulators are also considered to be optoelectronic devices. This device has a variety of applications. It is used in laser technology, optical fiber communications and also the different kinds of optical metrology.

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What is optoelectronics?

The communication between electronics and optics that includes designing, study and manufacture of hardware devices which is capable of converting electrical energy into light energy and light energy into electrical energy by making use of semiconductors are referred to as optoelectronics.

Optoelectronic device is made of solid crystalline materials that are heavier than insulators and lighter than metals. You will be able to find this device in telecommunications, military services and automatic access control systems.

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In the field of academics optoelectronics include information displays, image pickup devices, optical communication system and also remote sensing system. Most of these devices are laser diodes, photo diodes and remote sensing system,

Where can you use the optoelectronic devices?

  • There are a number of fields where LED is used. These can be used as inactive displays, indication lights, certain computer components, watches, medical devices, instrument panels, fiber optic communication, consumer electronics. Traffic signals, automobile brake lights etc.
  • Solar systems can also be applied in telecommunication systems, electronic power generation, and rural electrification, power generation in space and as aids to ocean navigation. It is also used in a number of projects that are based on the solar energy. The optoelectronic devices are also used for control system and remote monitoring.
  • Photodiodes are used in different types of circuits and medical safety equipment, communication devices, cameras and industries where photodiodes are used.
  • Optical fibers are used in sensors, telecommunications, bio medicals, fiber lasers and also other industries
  • Laser diodes are used in optical memories, cg players, surgical procedures etc.

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