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Introducing the Concept of Game Theory 

It is basically and more importantly known as science of decision making. If you think closely, there is a whole lot of math and science going on behind your social interactions. All this is called game theory.

The basic concept of game theory was illustrated by a mathematician, who said that every social gathering where there is interaction between people, each ones payoff depends on other person’s decisions. This is a practical situation and happens to all of us every time.

Students need appropriate game theory homework help as it can help them to analyze the varied decisions taken in their surroundings. Talking about where it its usage, you can find its use in the following fields –

  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Politics
  • Military
  • Psychology

As it is a major thing in so many of important branches, it is classified into two main categories namely-

  1. Cooperative –

This is more of a team game where everyone agrees with a common notion that is going to benefit each of them.

  1. Competitive –

It is basically non-cooperative as the first one suggests. It involves a mean of competition that comprises of some winners and losers within a social interaction. It defines that when you are into a situation that requires effective planning then take decision that is going to be favorable for you.

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