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Oligosaccharide is made up of sugars. Said in other words, it is that carbohydrate polymer which consists of monosaccharides in a number ranging from three to ten. The common place where one can find it is plasma membrane of any animal cell. Here they are involved in cell to cell recognition. Students are found to face difficulty in understanding the linkage between the different atoms. Some find it unnerving to comprehend the procedure in which synthesis of oligosaccharides occur. For these reasons only, myhomeworkhelp.com has come up with a convenient way of working things out with proper Oligosaccharides Assignment Help.

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Oligosaccharides can have different structures based on the number of monosaccharides, ring size, stereochemistry and presence of branched chain sugars. This explains the various complicated forms they are available in. The process of synthesis of oligosaccharides can occur in four steps. The first step entails the preparation of glycosyl donors. In the following step, there is preparation of glycosyl acceptors having a single hydroxyl group that is without any protection. Next you have their coupling process and the final step is marked with the deprotection part.

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