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Number Systems in Computer Architecture

One should know about number system before moving on to the in-depth parts of the topic. These systems are various techniques which represent multiple numbers in a computer system. Each value that is going into the memory of the computer has a number system which is defined. Computer systems support number systems like binary, octal and decimal number systems.

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Binary Numbering System

In this system, there are two digits which are used 0 and 1. This is also known as 2 base number system. Each position in binary numbers shows 0 power of base. But at the last position binary number shows x power of base (2). This is what a binary number system consists of, on which the system works.

Octal Numbering System

In this numbering system, there are eight digits from 0 to 7(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7). This is also known as 8 base number system. Each position in octal numbers shows 0 power of base (8) and the last position in octal number system represents x power of base (8).

Decimal Numbering System

Lastly, this number system is very common and used by people in their everyday life. This system has 10 as base. It uses digit in between 0 to 9. In this system, the left position of decimal point are units, tens, thousands, etc. Each position in decimal numbers shows a particular power of base (10). Know more about these from our Numbering Systems assignment answers.

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